About Us

What We Believe

As a member of the United Church of Canada, we hold to the tenets layed out in our Statements of  faith as found here:



Love for God and for all of God’s creations






To celebrate the love of Jesus Christ through worship, prayer and action.






To demonstrate love of God

through the teachings of Jesus Christ

and faithful actions.

Our History & Our Future

St. Paul's United Church, located in Kelowna, was begun under the name, Mission Road United Church in 1947 by First United Church. Upon the occasion of building and dedicating a new church in 1958, the congregation was renamed St. Paul's. In 1961 the congregation became a separate pastoral charge from First United Church.


In 2012, in an effort to diversify and change with the needs of the community, the congregation undertook a property redevelopment project which, unfortunately, had to be abandoned.  The property was subsequently sold and the congregation rents space from the Kelowna Seventh Day Adventist Church where our office and worship are currently held.

This experience could have destroyed the congregation, however the faithful people of St. Paul's showed their resiliency as we used our situation to deepen our relationships through honesty, humility and true compassion.  This continues to help define who we are as a community of faith.

We are currently working with our new minister to determine a renewed future for the congregation as we listen for the Spirit to guide us in new and amazing ways.  We have much to offer, and rejoice in being a vital part of the faith and justice communities in the city of Kelowna.

Our Values

Our Vision

Our Mission