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Covid-19 Update - March 17, 2020

Grace and Peace my dear friends!

I am writing to update everyone on how we hope to stay connected in these times of self-isolation, and I do hope you are self-isolating to the very best of your abilities. This simple action will not necessarily prevent the spread of Covid-19, but will slow down the spread so that, hopefully, it will not overwhelm our health-care system.

In accordance with the recommendations of Dr. Henry and Mr. Adrian Dix, to date, the following actions are being put into place for the St. Paul’s congregation.

1. All worship services and other in-person gatherings have been suspended until such time as both the government and health authorities believe it is safe to gather again.

2. In lieu of our regular worship services, we will meet virtually via an internet platform called zoom. This platform allows each of us to join via internet or phone, in a private “room” where we will be able to see and hear everyone who has joined us. These services will also be recorded and posted on the website for those who would like to watch it at another time. We will continue with our 10am Sunday worship but it will be shorter in length. Watch your emails for the weekly link and instructions on how to join us.

3. Book Study will also meet via zoom and/or an online blog

4. Board and any other necessary meetings will meet via zoom

5. Delaine and Ivy will be working from their respective homes and will continue to be accessible by email admin@stpaulskelowna.ca; stpaulminister@gmail.com or by phoning Ivy’s cell phone


6. Sylvia will be taking this time to update choir files and other choir/music projects that she doesn’t usually have time for.

7. In accordance with the United Church Employment Standards, all three staff members will receive their full pay and benefits during this time.

8. In an effort to stay connected and check in with folks, there will be a phone tree created. These people will commit to calling a small number of congregants to check in, chat, and support one another through these days and weeks to come. If anyone wants to connect specifically with the Minister, please feel free to call or email me at any time.

9. If you are not on PAR for your offerings and would like to continue making regular donations to the church you may:

a. Send your cheque to the church - 1130 Springfield Road V1Y 8H5

b. Use the “Donate” button on the homepage of our website: stpaulsunitedkelowna.com

It is our hope that these actions will allow us to maintain contact with one another and hold each other in prayer in as “normal” a way as possible. I will make further updates as necessary. In the meantime, wash your hands, self-isolate, take care of yourself , reach out (figuratively) to others who may be in need and know that we are not alone, God is with us, thanks be to God!

In Christ,


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